I truly anticipated blogging from Key West. It’s a town steeped in literary history (most notably Tennessee Williams and Ernest “Papa” Hemingway.) A guidebook I read assured me that the lush scenery would provoke hours upon hours of inspired writing. But I must have misinterpreted the word “lush.”

So instead I discovered hours upon hours of inspired cocktails by the pool. It felt decadent for one week not to open my computer, not to change a diaper,  not to know what was happening on CNN.

I snorkeled in blue-green water and stared at schools of fish. I ate deep fried potatoes spiced with fennel and topped with house cured salmon and creme fraiche. I devoured three novels. By the end of the week, my belly was full, my liver was tired, my skin was burnt, and I really really really missed Hugh.

I will never forget the look on Hugh’s face when we walked in the door after not seeing him for five nights. Boy, did I feel like a goddess. And if he wasn’t the handsomest, sweetest little boy in all the land.

After a happy reunion and a long drive home, we settled in our routine just to have it interrupted again by a new adventure: day care. Hugh started day care today at the United Methodist Church with Miss Dot and 5 other “creepers,” i.e. no longer infants, not yet toddlers.

When I went by to sign the paperwork yesterday, Miss Dot plopped Hugh on the floor, a sticky mat surrounded by brightly colored toys, none of which I’m sure are BPA-free. A “walking creeper” (wreeper?) named Luke came up and patted his head. Another crawler named Maddox shook a toy in his face and Hugh responded by pulling her hair and crawling off with the toy. Another girl, Miss Dot deemed too sick to stay, so her mother was called. But not before she licked a toy that Hugh got ahold of.

I tried to explain to Miss Dot that Hugh hadn’t yet mastered the art of falling asleep on his own. “Usually, I rock him,” I explained. She gave me a blank look and said, “Naptime is at 10:30 and 1:30. Does he eat corn dogs?”

I left my little boy there today; the one who usually screeches while I change his diaper and watched as Miss Dot effortlessly changed him while he stared wide-eyed and without protestations. Then he crawled off without a glance back, ready to catch some germs, pull some hair, and maybe try a corn dog.