It’s amazing how all-consuming a baby is. More than owning a house, having a job, being in a relationship, or even Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Maybe part of it is our 21st century trappings of bouncy chairs and BPA-free bottles; hipster onesies and parenting books with titles like Happiest Child on the Block, No-Cry Sleep Solution, My Self-Confident Baby, Baby Wise.

I just can’t imagine that pioneer women raised their children with the same attention to detail. Between cooking from scratch, canning for the winter, laundry by hand, and care for a large handful of other children, surely the emphasis for pioneer moms was not on whether their baby was meeting developmental milestones, was happy enough, sleeping enough, or crying too much. I imagine that pioneer babies wore dingy soft shirts, sat on the floor a lot, and got schlepped around on the hips of older sisters.

So in my 21st century way, I am looking forward to some pioneer woman time – in KEY WEST. Okay, there won’t be any cooking, laundry or canning, but there will be cocktails, swimming, and reading. I’ve packed a big red hat, a polka-dotted bathing suit, a stackful of books and magazines, and not one burp rag or BPA-free bottle.

Not that I won’t miss Hugh terribly. I already dread not seeing his big, gummy smile for 5 days. But I am ready for sleeping late (past 6am), uninterrupted time with Tasha, poolside cards with our friends who are also going, and the luxury of reading for hours on end.

And even though we don’t leave until Friday, I suspect that Me Time has started already. My sister (who is generously giving up her Me Time to take care of baby Hugh) just walked in the room where Hugh and I playing and said, “Cute outfit!” And I said, “Oh, this? Thanks!” And she gave me a weird look and said, “I meant his.” Well, yeah, he looks pretty cute, too, come to think of it.

Hugh reading about "Girlfriend Getaways" (I did not set up this pic; really found him like this)