Yesterday, one of my best friends from high school, Allison Silverman, was the guest on Fresh Air. You know you’ve arrived when you sit down with Terry Gross. Allison is the Executive Producer of The Colbert Report, and I’m so proud of her creativity, accomplishments, and humility. I’m also insanely jealous.

Of course, she has one of those jobs that is truly one-in-a-million, not something you achieve simply by working hard and getting the right degree. It’s a combination of brilliance, timing, and hard work. But at the same time, she did it step by step, not through any elite Hamptons lifestyle or parental connections. Allison and I went to the same musty ballet school; spent summers at the same overly chlorinated pool drinking cherry flavored icees; and even attended the same nerdy forensics camp in DC. 

So I can’t help but view the absolute sexyness of her career through the lens of my own struggling career ambitions. There is some driving force that I envy in others that I don’t think I have. I want to write, but I don’t write enough. I want to have a sexy career, but I also want to go to bed early and cook dinner and raise baby Hugh. 

Yesterday, inspired by Allison, I transferred the digital file of the book I wrote – but never finished – to this computer. I’m going to open it this morning, a little scared of what I might find. Maybe I’ll post an excerpt or two on this blog as a starting place for nudging me into that place of fearless ambition. In honor of that, today’s photo is not of Hugh, but an old one of ME.