Tasha works hard all year for an artistic surge of events called Spoleto (www.spoletousa.org) that lasts for 17 days. It always starts on Memorial Day weekend, and in the weeks and days leading up to Spoleto, her hours start to become longer, her time at home less and less. That’s why we lovingly refer to Spoleto spouses as Spoleto widows this time of year.

It’s actually fantastic because you know what to expect. There is nothing unpredictable about it, and anticipation fills the streets of downtown Charleston as posters appear in windows, tourists arrive in plaid shorts and crocs, and art booths start setting up in Marion Square Park.

This is our first Spoleto with a baby, and last night, Tasha didn’t get home from work until after 3am. Hugh has been having up-and-down nights lately, and last night was no exception. At 3am, my sister heard us bouncing around the bedroom and she appeared like a late night fairy godmother, sweeping Hugh out of my arms and insisting that she take the rest of the night shift. So when Tasha got home shortly thereafter, she had a warm, quiet room to get her 3.5 hours of sleep.

Last year during Spoleto, Hugh was in utero and I dragged him to the Cinderella Opera, avant garde theatre, jazz, orchestra concerts, and more. This year, he’ll have to stay home with a sitter, except for Finale, which is a giant outdoor picnic with an orchestra concert and fireworks.

It’s always a joyful time when Spoleto arrives, and this year, it will be joyful when it ends so that Hugh and Mama Tasha can get back to the really important work of Kung Fu Fighting.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2FvVOKr6Y0 g)