What does that word conjure up for you? For me, it used to be that song from high school days: “How do I get you alone? Allloonnne, Alloonnee…” Or the line Tina Fey said in 30 Rock about how her greatest fear of living alone was that no one would know if you started choking on your food.

Post-Hugh, though, the word, Alone, has a new meaning. As in, “hardly ever happens.” Thus, tonight is an anonmaly!

Aunt Sissy is going to watch Hugh overnight while Tasha and I spend the night at the beach. We’ve got a room with a view of the Folly River and marsh(which the front desk woman, Dawn, assured me had gorgeous sunset views); a giant jacuzzi bathtub; access to an outdoor jacuzzi; and of course, a bedroom with no crib in it.

This may be my first night of uninterrupted sleep in four months. Although we took a short overnight trip in February, I had to pump breast milk every three hours, so I slept even less than usual. I won’t have to do that time this time.

I’m drunk on the thought of sleep. Take, for instance, last night:

8pm: Hugh to bed
10pm: Mom to bed
11:45pm: Hugh starts fussing, Mom gets up, pats butt
11:48pm: Fussing again, Mom pats butt again
11:53pm: Butt patting Mom
12:45am: Really fussy, wants to eat, nurses
1:05am: Hugh back to bed
1:30am: Mom falls asleep
2:00am: Hugh cries, Mom gets back up
2:20am: Nurses again
3:30am: Gives Hugh to Tasha
5:00am: Attempts to put Hugh back in crib
5:10am: Back to Tasha
6:00am: Fusses
6:30am: Wakes up and eats

Not every night is like this (and I promise I’m not just saying that because Aunt Sissy will read this and reneg). Some nights, Hugh sleeps 6 hours in a row, but generally, I’m awake for two of them, so I get no more than four hours before the up and down begins.

The other great thing about tonight is that Dawn (front desk woman) asked, out of the blue, “Are you getting away from the kids?” And I said, “Yeah, a four month old.”

So she told me  to hang on and checked to see if the room was reserved for the prior night. It wasn’t, so she told me to come as early as noon. I thought, no way, I can’t do that. Tasha will be at work, and I’ll have Hugh. I mean, I couldn’t just leave him with Amy and head to the giant empty room with the big bathrub and the big bed. All Alone…or could I