That’s the universal sound a mom makes when her goes down for a nap. The precious minutes are overwhelming. Blog, clean-up, do sit-ups, read, nap, call a friend? (Fyi, I’ve never done sit-ups). Today, I’ve decided to use the minutes to blog, but I didn’t come up with a topic beforehand, so this is free writing. Does anyone remember free writing? The assignment in English class where you had to put pen to paper for five minutes without stopping? I’m on Minute #2, three to go.

Hugh discovered his ears. I like to watch him wake up and rediscover them again. Every time he wakes up, it is like Groundhog Day. He stares at us, who the hell are you and how did I get here? His heads flops around because he’s forgotten he can hold it up himself. His face stretches into a cry or a smile, whichever comes first. And then his hands flap around to the front of his face where he startles to discover those thinsg again. Then his hands make their way back to his ears, and he holds on for dear life.

Last night, we watched the movie, Doubt. (I know this is non sequitor, but remember, free writing). I thought Meryl Streep was amazing, painfully rich characterization for such a short amount of time to build a character. Some people told me that after having a child I wouldn’t be able to watch movies like Doubt or The Changeling where children are abused. But I still like suspense, horror, detective stories. I don’t feel particularly more sensitive to their reality since having Hugh. They’re still just stories to me.

If anything, he’s made me more sensitive to real world events that impact children. The bombing in the West Bank in December that killed so many Palestinian children. The children in Iraq who have been killed or the ones who are scattered in refugee camps across the world. I think how precious each child is to their mother and how preposterous it is that we can figure out so much as a society, reach new heights every day in science and in technology, create moving literature and art, and still not manage to end violence. I hope Hugh, whether he’s a doctor or magician or grocery clerk, will be a part of easing our social problems.