Boy, oh boy, Spring Break is a week of firsts for Baby Hugh!

First Scrabble game
In our family, first words don’t mean first spoken words, but first Scrabble words. Mama’s first word was cat. She played on a wood chip board with no plastic edges to hold your tiles in place. Not like the sissy board you played on last night with quadruple word scores (who ever heard of quadrauple back in those days?) and ridged plastic inserts and spinning rotation.

First visit to churchFirst Scrabble game
This is church that mama’s family switched to when mama was just a little girl and refused to go to the Methodist church anymore. “Why?” asked her mother. “Because they said if you prayed hard enough, God would move mountains. And I sat under a tree for a very long time and prayed, and it didn’t move. Not one inch.”

They decided we needed a less literal house of worship. So our church because United Church of Gainesville, a place where you learned about Jesus and Buddha, too. A place where pink triangles meant welcome and affirming for all people. A place where the parking lot is full of Prius’ and Obama stickers.

First trip to Macy’s
Oooh, ahh, colors, lights, cloying perfume, ladies’ clacking shoes, a moving staircase. Spitting up on a scarf means Mama gets it free when Grandma buys it. Way to go, buddy!

First visit with cousins
“But why can’t he say real words?” asked Sophie.

“Because he’s a baby,” said David.
“Babies wear diapers.”
“You wear diapers, Sophie.”
“No, I don’t. I wear big girl panties.”
“You wear pull-ups sometimes.”
“Do not.”
“Do too.”

First night sleeping with just one Mama
Big eyes gaze towards Tasha’s side of the bed. Lip sticks out, tears well up. Fine then,  gurgle gurgle, I’ll teach you what sleepless nights mean! Better not leave me with only one mom again. Sneaky smile. What a ripoff.