Big money

Big money

So it wasn’t the biggest profit ever, but the good times…priceless.

Apparently, we are at the stage in life (read: age) that in order to party, we need to invite all our friends over at 7:30am. Ed, Dan, Dooley, Jenny, Cathy, Amy, Tasha, and I made meager profits, but rocked it out on donuts, coffee and swapping useless junk and stories with each other.

The best time of all was had by Dwight, the cat who thinks he’s a dog. His idea of heaven is a host of strangers lining up to exclaim over his beauty while petting his silver belly.

Our many fascinating customers included Mrs. Montgomery, an elderly woman in a beaded headband who bought a $2 cooler for her son who likes to fish and crab. Her other son is unmarried, she said. “Well, he met a German girl, but then he went to Iraq and she met someone else on the Internet.” Then she asked if I had one of those cell phones, and if so, could she make a call. I brought out my cell phone, and she told me the number. I handed her the phone, and she said, “Oh no, honey, just tell her Mrs. Montgomery on her way.” And I did.

A hippy soccer-playing couple bought used shinguards and new athletic socks. “I’m sore from playing arena soccer last night,” said the guy with sculpted, tattooed calves. “Hey,” he said, gesturing to our neighbor and good friend across the street. “Did you plan your yard sale together?” Yes, I told him. “I just wondered cause sometimes one neighbor puts the ad in and the other neighbor decides to have a sale, and they fight about it.”

At the end of the morning, a former colleague with whom I’d done consulting said that they wanted to rehire me. Perfect, I told her, I’ll do it.

Hugh, meanwhile, remained a perfect angel in spite of the rain and the gnats. I told a soft cheeked lady lady in an appliqued sweater that I’d sell her Hugh for $5. Apparently, she didn’t get the insider baby-humor memo because instead of saying, “Awww, what a deal, I’ll take the sweet potato,” she laughed in a hell-to-the-no kind of way, and said “then I’d never get any sleep.”

That’s what I call a savvy shopper.